How to behave when not short-listed

I was watching the BAFTAs on TV the other evening and noticing those who did not win, hiding their disappointment with a smile and with whole-hearted applause for the victor. I want to be equally gracious in defeat, as I have not gone from the long-list to the short-list for the Crime Writers Association first novel award (

I do keep reminding myself that it is already an achievement to be on the long-list, there were only twelve of us chosen out of 400 entrants. Even so, I do feel disappointed not to have gone further.

On the other hand, this could be an opportunity to hunt down an agent and I am preparing to do that. Plus I am working on ‘The Art of Survival’ the second book in my crime series which I hope to publish this Autumn (agent or no agent). I am into writing the final draft as well as planning the publishing schedule, talking to printers, copy-editors, proof-readers and so on. No time to dwell too long on the if onlys….

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