Non-Fiction Publications

Pathways Through Writing Blocks

Pathways Through Writing Blocks in the Academic Environment by Kate Evans was published in 2013.

Recent academic articles include:

Evans, K. (2019). The Case of the Disappearing Twin: how writing brought me closer to myself. European Journal for Qualitative Research for Psychotherapists (March 2019)

Evans, K. (2011). The Chrysalis and the Butterfly: A phenomenological study of one person’s writing journey. Journal of Applied Arts & Health 2:2, 173-186.

Evans, K. (2009). Rhythm ‘n’ Blues: Bringing poetry into groupwork. Groupwork 19:3, 27-38.

Evans, K. & Glover, L. (2012). ‘Finding the Unexpected’: an account of a writing group for women with chronic pelvic pain. Journal of Poetry Therapy. Vol 25:2. Pp. 95-103.

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