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Kate Evans MA BSc

‘Sometimes nothing is so solid to me as writing – I suppose that’s what a vocation means – at times a torment, a bad conscience, but all in all purpose and direction.’
Robert Lowell 1917-1977

I have been a writer for over thirty years and have over fifteen years of experience of encouraging others to explore and develop their creativity. I write creative non-fiction, academic non-fiction, fiction and poetry. I created two word-based art installations for the Coastival festival, one based on the writing and life of Edith Sitwell.

I trained as a psychotherapeutic counsellor and am very interested in the connection between writing and good mental health. I was poet in residence for HAFNEY 2008-2009 working with staff and patients at Scarborough Hospice and in a ward for end of life care. I am a member of Lapidus (www.lapidus.org.uk)

I am absolutely thrilled and proud to announce that Constable/Little Brown will be publishing my Donna Morris crime series from 2021 onwards. They are set in the North Yorkshire coastal town where I live. The landscape and the sea are almost characters in themselves, integral in creating the atmosphere of the stories and a way of exploring the internal emotional landscapes of the characters. The stories are told from the point of view of probationary DC Donna Morris. Peri-menopausal, in her fifties, Donna has worries and secrets of her own as she settles into what she thinks will be a temporary stay in Scarborough. However, like many before her, the sea, the town and the people hook her in and she finds she does not want to leave.

A Wake of Crows ‘Well written and without flashiness, this believable police procedural deals with guilt, vengeance, love, a serial killer with a God complex and redemption. It is quiet, effective and moving.’
                                                                Natasha Cooper, ‘Literary Review’ September 2021.

To purchase A Wake of Crows: A Wake of Crows by Kate Evans | Hachette UK (littlebrown.co.uk)

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