Welcome to #ScarboroughMysteries (incorporating writingourselveswell).

art-of-breathing-coverThe Scarborough Mysteries is a series of crime novels written by Kate Evans, set in the small North Yorkshire coastal town where she lives. The Art of the Imperfect, Scarborough Mysteries #1, long-listed for the Crime Writers Association debut dagger, was published in 2014. The Art of Survival, Scarborough Mysteries #2 came out in 2015. The Art of Breathing, Scarborough Mysteries #3, is out now. All three are available in paperback & on Kindle via Amazon or at good independent bookshops such as Wardle & Jones, Scarborough (http://wardleandjones.co.uk/) and The Book Corner, Saltburn (http://www.bookcornershop.co.uk/home.html)

The Art of the Imperfect: http://goo.gl/z7HFgz
The Art of Survival: https://goo.gl/6RPzk5
The Art of Breathing: https://goo.gl/ZqJZjN

***Breaking News – the next two in the Scarborough Mysteries series Drowning Not Waving and No Justice are due out Autumn 2019***

Praise from readers of The Scarborough Mysteries:

‘Kate Evans excels at character driven crime novels that vividly evoke their windswept Scarborough setting’ Jaq Hazell, author of I Came to Find a Girl.

art-of-the-imperfect-cover‘A blustery northern coastal town, a brutal murder and a complex cast of characters.
Kate Evans’s debut crime novel explores the world of therapists, which is cleverly used to explore fear and guilt, as well as perhaps the motive for murder. I found it compelling, and look forward to reading the next one.’ Rebecca Rowe

‘The first thing to mention is the writing style is incredibly strong. The description for example is wonderful throughout; the words used help to set the reader right in the heart of Scarborough. … The description through this book is brilliantly constructed so that I really felt completely immersed.’art-of-survival-cover Lizzy, My Little Book Blog

‘This was my Christmas read, and it was wonderful to curl up by the fire and immerse myself in this multi-layered novel. Wonderful setting in Scarborough and a plot filled with interesting and diverse characters. Loved it, can’t wait for the next one.’
Scarbados Writer “tea lover”.



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