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The Indie Publisher – the art of wearing many hats

So I am ready to launch myself as an Indie publisher, in order to bring out the first novel in my crime series set in Scarborough, The Art of the Imperfect. I have spent the last month or so talking to people and gathering information and I now have a path to follow. At this moment, it doesn’t feel easy, it feels like an exercise in hat spinning.

During the previous fortnight I have had my editor’s hat on. It is interesting to note that even seasoned writers have their internal critic. Mine comes out when I am in editor mode. I noticed this with my last book, but that time I had a publisher waiting and encouraging. This time I don’t have that as an impetus and the process has been tougher than ever. However, I do at last have my manuscript prepared for the proof reader – a hat I refuse to wear. I’ll proof read (for myself and others) short offerings, such as an article or newsletter, but an extended work is different. I still hold fast to the belief that proof reading has to be done by another professional, and luckily I have a trusted colleague to do it: http://www.thewriterthebetter.co.uk/

Now I must put on my publisher, designer and IT-supremo hats, in order to work through things like: front/back pages; ISBNs; publishing house logo; cover design; and formatting the manuscript to Kindle and Createspace requirements. And probably various other little issues which are still to be discovered. I would prefer to bring in professionals where I can, unfortunately, my budget prohibits much reliance on others.

Though there is something tantalising and exciting about being in so much control of the process, right now I’d rather be wearing just one hat – the writer’s one. On the other hand, if I get through this anything like half successfully, then maybe I will be more comfortable with the hat spinning.

That is for the future, today I am on the path as an Indie publisher, taking it one step at a time, with my various hats dangling on cords around my neck.