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Post Coastival

What a packed and vibrant weekend at Coastival (www.coastival.com) with music, dance, art, conversation… It was difficult to come back down to earth and get on with the writing, but I managed to do it.

I finally caught up with Hanif Kureshi’s interview on BBC’s Culture Show special. ‘Writers are trouble,’ he says. They deliberately thieve their own and anyone else’s lives for material, and to be a writer (Kureshi suggests) you mustn’t worry about the consequences. I would agree with the first part of this thesis, however, I’m not sure about the second half. I worry about the consequences. Does that make me less of a writer or more of a human being? I guess that’s a cruel thing to imply about Kureshi, but if he can dish it out, then he has to take it in too.

I’ve added a new poem to my poetry page. Please have a read, and comment if you like.