About me


Kate Evans MA BSc

‘Sometimes nothing is so solid to me as writing – I suppose that’s what a vocation means – at times a torment, a bad conscience, but all in all purpose and direction.’
Robert Lowell 1917-1977

I have been a writer for over thirty years and have over fifteen years of experience of encouraging others to explore and develop their creativity. I write creative non-fiction, academic non-fiction, fiction and poetry. I created two word-based art installations for the Coastival festival, one based on the writing and life of Edith Sitwell.

I trained as a psychotherapeutic counsellor and am very interested in the connection between writing and good mental health. I was poet in residence for HAFNEY 2008-2009 working with staff and patients at Scarborough Hospice and in a ward for end of life care. I am a member of Lapidus (www.lapidus.org.uk)

The Scarborough Mysteries series is a culmination of thirty years writing. And I am very proud and excited to have published them. They are set in the North Yorkshire coastal town where I live. The landscape and the sea are almost characters in themselves, integral in creating the atmosphere of the stories and a way of exploring the internal emotional landscapes of the characters. The stories are told from the point of view of three characters: Hannah Poole; DS Theo Akande; and Aurora Harris. Hannah is training to be a counsellor, but her own rickety sense of self is sent into turmoil when her father dies and she begins to get back in touch with the memories of the childhood abuse she suffered. Theo is black and gay and a new-comer to Scarborough, trying to find his place on the town’s force. Clever and kind, he undoubtedly has the most psychological equilibrium of the three story-tellers. Aurora Harris is neighbour and friend to Hannah; solicitor and new mum she struggles to balance these roles. Each book has a different crime which the three characters are drawn into, plus the emotional stories of Hannah, Theo and Aurora twist, interweave and develop.

Hear me talking about my novel here: http://youtu.be/7JPIFl_Y6Vw


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