Janus Perspectives #5

This January I have been posting responses to an invitation I gave in my December post. I noted then that January is named after the Roman god Janus, a two facing god – backwards and forwards. I suggested people get in touch with short poems or art work which resonates with this in some way. I am delighted to complete the series with a poem from Adrienne Silcock (Adrienne Silcock | Writer & Poet). Thank you Adrienne.

Out Walking

We can’t stop long at the posts in the field
only pause and gaze back at
the old abbey on the hill
the wondrous trees and the viaduct
which brought us here.
Then inhale the beauty of the slope before us
the tall conifers, the oak and ash already
working towards green and the way
the light shivers on the lake ahead.

Brant Fell, July 2020, Kate Evans. From a series of photos of gateposts which do not fulfil their original function.

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