Welcoming in the Winter Solstice

Only a few days to go before the wheel of the year moves round a notch and the days get imperceptibly longer again. I believe to each season – of the year, of life, of emotion – there is a meaning. Or if there isn’t really a meaning, we might as well find one. For me, winter is a moment of ‘hibernation’, going inwards, finding nourishment and inwardly resourcing. It goes without saying, I ignore most of the capitalist, commercial nonsense which goes on. But lighting a single candle to remind me that the light is coming back – will usually come back, even in the darkest moments – is worth a match.

Spring’s wild wanderings,
Summer’s succulent kisses,
Autumn’s easy caresses,
bring love to warm our Wintery days.

the potentials and ‘also’s
in every season of life.

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