Crime novel based in Scarborough – launch 29th October

art-of-breathing-coverThis post is going to be undeniably self-promoting! Despite the dream I had last night.

In my dream I was pregnant and I was wary of telling friends in case they ridiculed or criticised me. I come from the therapeutic stand-point that it is for the individual to interpret their own dreams, this is, therefore, my take. I am pregnant with my book and my launch is the ‘birth’. I am afraid of a poor reception. However, the main feeling in the dream was of being replete with a precious treasure which I was proud of and wanted to keep safe.

The Art of Breathing ( is the third in a crime series set in Scarborough. The Art of the Imperfect ( was published in 2014 and was long-listed for the Crime Writers Association debut dagger and The Art of Survival (  was published in 2015. In all three, there is a mystery, but there are also the intertwining and unfolding narratives of Hannah Poole, DS Theo Akande and Aurora Harris. Hannah is dealing with depression while training to be a counsellor. Theo is trying to find his place in a new town and new police force. Aurora, art-of-survival-coverneighbour to Hannah, is struggling with the challenges of being a new mum. In The Art of Breathing, I explore the academic community and pay homage to 1930s crime author, DL Sayers, in doing so.

I am extremely proud of all of my titles and also of the funky new covers designed by Undoubtedly I want people to read and appreciate them. What ‘mother’ doesn’t want their ‘child’ appreciated? But I’m also aware they won’t be to everyone’s taste and I am still learning as a writer. I am, therefore, very much looking forward to working on my fourth book on the Curtis Brown novel writing course starting in a couple of weeks time.

art-of-the-imperfect-coverI will be officially launching The Art of Breathing on Saturday the 29th October 1030am-230pm at WH Smith in Scarborough. If you can, come along for a chat, it would be lovely to see you.

6 thoughts on “Crime novel based in Scarborough – launch 29th October

  1. Annecdotist

    What a fabulous pre-launch dream, Kate! I hope it went well. I love those new covers – they look great individually but there’s something extra as a series. I’m also looking forward to hearing how it goes with Curtis Brown. Congratulations all round!


  2. nikkicopleston

    I hope your launch went well! Did I dream it (there, dreams again!) or did you say in an earlier post you were thinking about changing the books’ titles? I do think The Art of… is intriguing. Best wishes for good sales. My own crime novel’s coming out on November 11th – set in South Wiltshire, so rather less bracing than Scarborough!! Good luck with continued success!


    1. Kate Evans Post author

      Thanks very much. No I’m keeping the titles for these three, though may move onto a different way of titling for future ones in the series. I have changed all the covers, so they look more professional and also more coherent, maybe that’s what you were thinking of. Loads of good luck with your new novel, what’s it called & I’ll dig it out.


      1. nikkicopleston

        Yes, I noticed you’d changed the covers – great result! My new novel is The Shame of Innocence – coming out 11th November, paperback and eBook, on Amazon or from
        I just find the whole marketing thing so exciting but also so frustrating, not knowing what’ll work, being gobsmacked by other people’s success and wondering how they’ve done it!! Ah well, the learning curve starts here!! Thanks again, and good luck!


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