The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour – Archive

Thanks to Kate M Colby my co-conspirator on this tour. Thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with writers from around the globe.

Kate M. Colby

The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour was a month-long series of writer interviews that took place in February 2015. The tour began when Kate Evans of Writing Ourselves Well asked me if I would like to exchange interviews for our blogs, and it quickly evolved into a fully-fledged blog tour. Our goal was to bring together writers of all experience levels and demographic backgrounds and share the beauty of their art with the blogging community.

Included in this post are links to all the original interviews for your reading enjoyment.

Kate Evans (my co-host)

Kate M. Colby (me)

Jonas Lee

Kylie Betzner

Kara Jorgensen

Renee N. Meland

Fia Essen

Elizabeth Hein

David Powning

Brittany Boyce

Amrita Sarkar

Amanda Richter

Lani V. Cox

Corri van de Stege

Steven Baird

Lauren Faulkenberry

Sabina Khan

Suzanne M. Brazil

Kimberly DuBoise

Jay Dee Archer

Cheryle Baker

Zachary Paul Chopchinski

Thank you to all the writers who…

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