On being a writer (part two)

I love the writing process (whether it be non-fiction, fiction or poetry): the unfolding story; the bits which take me by surprise; the characters which suddenly become very real indeed; the playing with words; and the crafting. And yet, as I and some writer friends discussed on Monday, the process is not complete without finding an audience. Is it even complete then, I wonder?

So I continue my tasks of formatting and readying ‘The Art of the Imperfect’ (the first of my crime series set in Scarborough) for release. Slowly, slowly, with an aching shoulder (with apologies to my friend who is an Alexander Technique teacher who told me how to avoid that: http://www.lesley-glover.co.uk/ ).

Meanwhile, ‘A Pocket Full of Windows’, the anthology with two of my poems in it has been published by The Valley Press (http://www.valleypressuk.com/books/pocketfulofwindows/). It will have two launches, both of which I hope to attend. The first is at 7.30pm on the 27th of November 2014, at North Bridlington Library (YO16 6YD). Readings from the anthology will be followed by a performance of the ‘The Remarkable Mr Rutherford’ (Brid’s own unofficial poet laureate) by the duo ‘The Hull to Scarborough Line’.

On Friday, the 5th of December 2014, at 7.30pm, the launch will be at http://www.woodendcreative.co.uk/ and will be accompanied by an Open Mic (entry to the event, £2). So if you’ve got the urge to perform a song, a short piece of prose or a poem, book your space and come along.

I am finding publishing – putting my work before an audience – is a compulsion even though it evokes feelings of vulnerability and crises of confidence. What I know I have to do is listen for the positives, so that it can be nourishing as well as revealing of the soul. Then maybe I will find it is a satisfying conclusion to the creative process.



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