The hardest hat to wear

A few weeks back I wrote a post about how the Indie publisher has to wear – and spin – so many hats. Well I’ve worn my writer’s, editor’s, proof-reader’s, designer’s, formatter’s, legal eagle’s hats and finally got my story Adrift onto Kindle. As well as hopefully being an interesting read, I hope it will be a taster, drawing readers to my novel The Art of the Imperfect due out later this year.

Now for the hardest hat of all to wear – the publicist. I have decided to email everyone on my e-mailing list (as many of them as I can manage individually). As my cursor hovers over the ‘SEND’ button I think, ‘They won’t want this.’ And, ‘They’ll think I’m being a pest.’ Luckily so far I’ve had no negative responses and some very positive ones. However, it is still difficult for me to believe I have a gift to offer that a reader might value.

 Adrift by Kate Evans. A sort of love story set in Venice.
Five people come to the beautiful floating city looking for love and find themselves adrift.

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