Be Brave

Last night I caught up with a documentary about Frida Kahlo (in the surprisingly interesting ITV series Perspectives) and I was once again reminded of what an inspiring artist and woman she was.  I have held a long-time passion for her and was lucky enough to see an exhibition of her work at Tate Modern in London several years ago. I was seeing her paintings in the ‘flesh’ for the first time and her use of her body means it did feel like I was touching skin. The effect was visceral. There are many websites which carry images of her art, but I found this one:

Frida did not hesitate to pour herself, her pain and her joy, into her work, and, in doing so, she grasps the viewer in a very personal way. And yet, from her own individual experience, she also creates something which is universal, in which the viewer can find themselves. This is what I intend/hope to do with my series of crime novels. Frida was brave and did not shy away from what she felt impelled to do. I too wish to be brave.

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