The Edth Sitwell Festival 2014

Plans are afoot to celebrate this innovative and inspiring poet in the town of her birth (Scarborough, North Yorkshire) fifty years after her death. A group of us in Scarborough are determined that this anniversary should be used to encourage people to discover more about Edith and also to explore their own creativity.

So far this is what’s on offer:
1st March 2014, Writing from the Heart. Creative writing workshop using Edith Sitwell’s poem Still Falls the Rain as inspiration. Part of the Stephen Joseph Outreach Festival. Contact: 01723 370541
April 2014, Sipping Tea with Edith Sitwell
, an hour-long performance/presentation as part of Scarborough Flare (running alongside Books on the Beach festival). Contact: 01723 383636.
13th September 2014, Heritage Open Day, Sitwell Library open to the public. Contact: 01723 384500
2nd October 2014, National Poetry Day, exhibition and events at Scarborough Library and Woodend Creative Industries Centre. More information to come.

So come along and get involved!

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