Scarborough Consequences

Earlier this year I facilitated a project at the 2013 Scarborough Literature Festival which invited festival goers to contribute to a story. People were encouraged to write ‘letters’ (emails, letters, tweets, texts) to and from a bunch of fictional characters I had devised and who were ‘stuck’ in a Scarborough hotel for various reasons over one weekend. I took the resulting missives and used them to construct a tale which I called Scarborough Consequences.

Scarborough Consequences has now been up-loaded to the Scarborough Literature site (click through twice to get the download.)


2 thoughts on “Scarborough Consequences

  1. Julie Fairweather

    I loved what you did with Scarborough Consequences Kate. You created something that must have been quite challenging for a writer to bring together – and you did it so well that you made it seem easy! I didn’t have to keep a check on who each communication was from once I’d read their initial contact because the voices of characters were so distinguished from each other that there was no need to. It was a good paced interesting story with great interaction of characters – who were also changed by their individual experience of the weekend. I thought the use of the hotel’s stationery was a nice touch. The epistolary is one of my favourite forms of writing. It brings writing to life.


    1. kateevans2013 Post author

      Thank you Julie. I really enjoyed the process and the prompts provided by the participants in the project were great starting points, led me into areas I would not have thought of myself. The characters came alive for me as I was writing and I’m glad that came through for the reader.



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